General provisions
Opera Relax & Wellness

Access is reserved exclusively for members and their guests and for persons authorized by the Board of Directors, except in the case of events and events open to the public.
All those who request it, share its goals and intend to commit to their realization can become members. The application for admission must be submitted to the Board of Directors which will decide on the acceptance or rejection of the aspirant's admission The opening and closing times will be established from time to time according to the needs of the board of directors.

It is forbidden for anyone to introduce dogs or other animals or things that may cause damage or disturbance, or create dangers, into the premises of the association. Children under the age of twelve can attend the association only if accompanied by their parents or persons who are responsible for them; they can access the registered office, bar room and other premises as long as they are constantly supervised by a person who is responsible for them.

Only members in good standing with the payment of dues can attend the headquarters and use the structures of the association. Each member can accompany people who know him within the area of the association.