Indulge yourself to the pleasure
of a massage

Opera Relax & Wellness


duration 25 minutes - € 50.00

A massage focused on a specific area of the body to dissolve the accumulated tensions, to promote circulation or to relax a particular area. With basic massage techniques the elimination of toxins is favored and the sensation that is received is the overall well-being of the whole body. Specify your need to receive the most suitable treatment for you.


Duration 40 minutes - € 60,00

A treatment that stimulates very fast and superficial blood to the muscles allowing you to "recharge" our batteries and allow us to take our busy life full of commitments.


Duration 50 minutes - € 65,00

A relaxing massage for the whole body through techniques that focus attention on the deep layers of muscle tissues. It relaxes the chronic muscular tension through slow pressures on the contracted areas, giving the body a feeling of pleasant rest.


Duration 50 minutes - € 70,00

It is a synergy of integrated techniques applied in a sweet and deep way. It helps to free the blocked energy and make it flow back into the body giving a deep sensation of lightness and inner peace.


Duration 50 minutes - € 70,00

It stimulates the opening of the lymphatic channels through repeated pressures and superficial overflowing, improving the lymphatic circulation, giving the tissues regenerating effects, reducing water retention, combating cellulite and reducing swelling, especially in the legs and feet, and gives a pleasant sensation of lightness.


Duration 50 minutes - € 60,00

The stress of everyday life creates on our body an accumulation of tensions and unbalances that normal rest cannot dispose of. This massage frees the whole body from contractures and relaxes deeply giving a satisfying rest.


Duration 60 minutes - € 70,00

The massage signed "Opera" was chosen for our guests, acting with fluid and rhythmic gestures to eliminate stress, relax the body and the mind and soothe the accumulated tensions. To the techniques of this massage we have combined aromatherapy, using a mixture of essential oils that help invoke calm feelings. It has a state of complete well-being.


Duration 50 minutes - € 70,00

Sensory holistic massage practiced with fluid movements, using essential oils, induces complete relaxation. The fragrances and the healing properties of the plants also favor the natural psychophysical balance.


Duration 60 minutes - € 140,00

You will be surrounded by candles and perfumes to be transported in a moment of total abandonment where sharing becomes an opportunity to strengthen and intensify the relationship. An enveloping and relaxing massage, with slow and continuous movements will help you relieve tensions and spend an hour of complete relaxation.


Duration 50 minutes - € 65,00

Through specific pressures that affect the myofascial system, the particularly contracted or hypertonic muscular structures are dissolved. Perfect for those suffering from stress tensions.

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